About Hang3 | Social Classifieds

Hang3 SXSWi 2013 Promo Team

In 2012, we set out on a mission to simplify the process of promoting products and services through social media and automatic search engine optimization, or what we like to call digital reach. The end result is a site that allows individuals and businesses alike to promote their products and services across multiple social platforms with one click. We call this the Social Ad Movement.

Our Mission: To help businesses and individuals thrive through social media and digital reach.

Are we a classifieds site?

Yes, but what sets us apart is the social and more personal nature of our ad platform. We put a face and a name to your ads, so that others using the site get more of a sense that you are a real person, and not just another "craigslist joe."

What does "Hang3" mean?

Our concept revolves around three underlying objectives in obtaining digital reach. Find. Network. Connect.

  1. Find the things you're looking for.
  2. Network with other business owners and users.
  3. Connect through social media to share your ads.

These three core objectives help define, with simplicity, what we are all about, and "Hang3" seemed a short, to the point, and easy-to-remember call sign.

Are we a Facebook app?

In part, yes. You do not need to add the Facebook app in order to browse the classified ads, but in order to join and post ads on Hang3, you must have a Facebook account. We think of Facebook as our security blanket. While not entirely foolproof, signing up through Facebook provides some measure of identity to associate with you and allows other users to better gauge your trustworthiness, as opposed to the typical anonymous classifieds registrant.

The fact that the ads are open to the public also gets them listed with all major search engines, which helps your ad get way more digital reach.

Are we a Twitter app?

We allow you to connect your account to Twitter so that you may publish your ad as a tweet along with a Facebook post, but connecting with Twitter is entirely optional. If you want to get the most out of our platform and propagate your ad further across the social universe, however; connecting to Twitter is a must!

Want to know more?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.